"Our family was so blessed to find Flagler Montessori. Our son was so prepared for the gifted program that he is now in. Flagler Montessori was such a loving, nurturing environment that challenged him and exposed him to such wonderful things."
Chad & Lisa Wilkinson


"Flagler Montessori School provides an environment that balances academic excellence with personal development. Flagler Montessori is a highly safe and fun environment for learning, exploring, and building personal and social skills. The teachers are all very attentive and caring, providing one-on-one attention that makes a big difference for the important early years of a child's life and growth. We would gladly recommend Flagler Montessori School to parents that want to make sure their children get the right start in life."
Rick and Vandana Asnani


"Ten years ago I went to tour Flagler Montessori School and the second I walked in I felt the love radiating from the teachers and classrooms. Both my girls began their journey with Flagler Montessori at 2-years-old and attended the 5-day, full-time program. It was the most magical time of their lives. The children grew and thrived from all the support and nurturing. The educational component is one of the finest, as the children were introduced to many wonderful things that gave them the edge they needed to start kindergarten. Each year and each colored door brought many exciting opportunities for growth and fun. After my second daughter graduated from Green Doors, I was sad to realize that Flagler Montessori would not be a part of our daily lives. However, they are always in my heart and have my everlasting gratitude for the love and help they gave my children."
Cara Pregadio